Brain Fart



This is a list of all our projects, from game servers to Discord bots.

[Minecraft] Bubblegum Server

Our first, and flagship Minecraft server. Running with hundreds of mods it is our most popular and most complicated server.

Launched in January 2018

[Rust] Smores Server

Our first ever Rust server. With many plugins you are sure to have an extremely enjoyable Rust experience.

Launched in March 2019

[UPCOMMING] [Garry's Mod] Coconut Server

Our latest server, and our first delve into Garry's Mod. We are hoping to bring a fresh and enjoyable Dark RP experience.

Launching in First Half of 2019

Archived Projects

This is a list of all our projects that have since been archived or closed down 🙁

Brain Fart Vanilla

Our second Minecraft server, without any mods. While this sounds more boring, it provides a nice nostalgic experience with many great Plugins.

Launched in June 2018 || Ended in March 2019

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Brain Fart is looking for developers to volunteer their time and ideas! We don’t care how old you are or how experienced, anyone is welcome. We only ask on the application so that we know more about how we can help you work best on our team. Click the button below to submit your application.