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Brain Fart may sound like a weird name, but we picked it for a reason. Brain Fart started when the two co-owners started writing a Discord Bot. The Discord Bot had many issues pop up through out it's development. Many of these issues were caused by simple mistakes, mostly typos. So when we needed a name for the bot the name suggestion of Brain Fart was made. The rest of what Brain Fart is blossomed from there.

The development part of Brain Fart started about a month before the phrase "Brain Fart" was even used. The co-owners met in a server about cooking when the owner needed someone to help him setup hosting for his bot. Long story short one of the co-owners was fired and the other was kept in his place. After that they started working on their own bot. This bot still remains incomplete due to the size of the development team. Check out the Development page above if you are interested in helping Brain Fart take over the world with code! No, I'm just kidding you won't help do that, but you can help us finally finish Brain Fart and make other programs to make peoples lives easier.

Both of the co-owners loved gaming and one of them had already started to build a community of people. So they decided with the upcoming bot they should move the community to match. From there more people came and servers were built. As of October 12th, 2018 Brain Fart has 65 members. We hope to keep growing this number. The more members we have the easier it is for us to justify adding more servers for members to play on.