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Welcome to the Brain Fart website! We’re excited to have you here! Please feel free to look around until you find what you need.

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Brain Fart provides servers free of charge to it's gaming community! Currently we only provide two Minecraft servers. One Vanilla server, and one Modded server. If you would like us to add a new server please let us know on Discord! Those servers are listed below:

  • Brain Fart Bubblegum
  • Brain Fart Vanilla

Here at Brain Fart we strive to provide a friendly and helpful community to everyone. We have our gaming community which is our biggest focus but we also have our private access development team. This team is an unpaid group of people who love to program. If you are interested in joining this team please check the development page in the navigation bar above. We look forward to getting to know you!

We're an English speaking community, but we welcome people from all over the world. Brain Fart is co-owned by two people. One lives in America, the other lives in England. If you don't know the history between America and England, it's not a great one. We don't care about your race, age, gender, religion, hair color, eye color, or any other discriminating factor. If your friendly and want to come join us you are welcome here. Don't be scared to come and talk. None of our members bite!